Camp NaNo- July Edition

July 1st starts the next round of Camp NaNo. I didn’t complete it successfully in April, but I’m hoping to be able to reach my goal list go round. I’ve been prepping on and off this month instead of writing every day. I want to get what little preparation that I do ahead of writing done so that once July 1st hits I can just write write write.

Realistically I know this is unlikely to happen. I’m going to get exhausted from work, I’m going to procrastinate, I’m going to binge watch Anime or some other thing I’ve been wanting to watch, or play video games, or whatever other thing I use to keep myself in denial about my procrastination problem.

Sure, I’ll start the month with nothing but great intentions. I always do don’t I? I guess I have to make up my mind now if I’m going to stick with the goals I set for myself next month, hell even for the remainder of this month, or if I’m going to let myself drop off again. I’d love to say that I’m going to stick with it, I really would. And I’m going to try my hardest to do that, but if my track record has anything to say about it, it is unlikely to occur.

Even when I don’t succeed with events like this, I still like to try. I participate in Camp NaNo, and in NaNoWriMo on a yearly basis. I keep trying every time and I *have* completed one NaNoWriMo, but I probably cheated (using words I’d written already).

So in the next few weeks I hope to finish up my preprations and get myself ready to try and succeed this time. I don’t like to do much planning, but having an idea of what my story is I guess is helpful. I do enjoy having enough room to play though, you never know where a story will take you if you let it. So I refuse to plan that much, and love to figure out my characters on the fly.

Are you participating in July? What is your project about? What are your goals for the month?

6 thoughts on “Camp NaNo- July Edition

  1. What’s your idea about? Are you going for the 50k? Fingers crossed for this time! I know what you mean about good intentions and all that.

    I have a goal of 30k, (with a side goal of 2 hours a day.) I’m writing a romance novel set in a zombie sort of apocalypse setting. I was debating between two ideas, but this one’s pulling my interest more so I’ll most likely go with it.

    (P.S. What anime have you been watching?)

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    1. I am working on a D&D style adventure style story. I love writing Fantasy. I am aiming for 50k, with a side goal of one hour a day. I’d love to do more, but I know that with my current schedule I can’t fit it in, but will do more when I can.
      I’m currently watching Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m still not far into it, but I’ve seen great reviews.
      Good luck with your goals, let me know how you do!!!

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      1. Your ideas sounds really interesting! Good luck with it!

        I’ve not heard of Jo Jo, I’ll have to check it out.

        I’ve watched Miss Kobyashi’s dragon maid, Sakura Quest, Alice and Zoroku, and My hero academia recently. (Gotta love crunchyroll.)


      2. I like to watch a wide variety. It really depends on my mood. HunterxHunter is on my list to watch.

        At first, I though RE: Zero stood for Resident evil. There’s a rezzie film I don’t know about?! But I googled it so all is well.

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