I’ve been trying to watch videos when I have free time, mostly to help inspire my writing, but also sometimes to just inspire my life, my health, or whatever it is I feel like I’m struggling with right then, which let’s be honest, could be any random thing. I’m not always a motivated person and inspiration is almost always helpful.
I’ve read, watched, and listened to many things that I use to inspire myself when I’m feeling less than motivated. I keep play lists, videos and articles, or books where I can go back to them when I need it. And you can trust me when I say- I go back to these things quite often. I know that motivation isn’t something that I as a person should be waiting for, no matter if it is the motivation to write or the motivation to go to the gym. Instead of waiting to be motivated, I just have to do it, but some days with my Depression or whatever else is going on in my head, a little bit of motivation helps.
I want to provide you with some of the things I use to motivate myself, or at least give me that little bit of pick up I need to get myself out of bed on the bad days.

On Writing by Stephen King
The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters
The Write Brain by Bonnie Neubauer
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
If You Want to Write by Barbara Ueland

(Sense8 Spoilers!)

Belle & Sebastian
Neutral Milk Hotel
Connor Oberst/ Bright Eyes
Fiona Apple
Joss Stone
Billy Bragg
Elvis Costello
Florence + the Machine
They Might Be Giants
Norah Jones
Elliot Smith

Walking (if I am able to get out of bed)
Writing Prompts
Cuddling with Idris (my dog)
Talking with my Husband

I’m sure there is so much more than this to list, and maybe I’ll add to it as I figure it all out, but I was just going off the top of my head about what things I could think of. I find the things that motivate me are often more inspiring than anything. I can’t stand motivational speakers, but I do love a good clip on a writing giving advice, or even just talking about writing. I love a good poem, that is a good way to get me up and running, if it is spoken word- even better.
Show me passion for whatever it is you are doing and I will feel it and want to be a part of it. I can’t help myself. I feed of passion I guess and sometimes I have difficulty making my own so I borrow others through their words (written or spoken) and their music. At least I know it doesn’t drain them when I borrow their passion, though I’m quite sure that while they are creating they are drained enough, I know I get that way.
I would love to know more about what others use to inspire or motivate themselves when they really need a little push. So please comment and links are always appreciated!

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