I swear, I make plans of what I’m going to write about for blogs every week, and then when Sunday comes I totally change what I write about. I’m not upset with this, because in reality this is just how my mind works. It always reminds me to a spoof of a semi-famous quote that was altered slightly from a cartoon I used to watch called The Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy. In the episode Mandy says “The road to stupid is paved with good intentions.” This is of course a rewording of “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Either one can be fitting for this situation I find myself in on a weekly basis.



Anyway, this weeks post is going to be about podcasts. The idea came to mind because I was reading the latest Bloggess post and she mentioned a podcast Lore, which seemed quite up my alley and I have added it to my iTunes podcasts and look forward to listening to it in the future. So then I started to wonder what other awesome podcasts are out there that I’m not listening to?! I also thought that maybe some of the ones that I listen to might be interesting to others. So, I’m going to give you a list of my current podcast subscriptions! How exciting, I know. I will at least try to organize them by category.

Diva Tech Talk
Women in Tech
Tech Leaders in Action
JavaScript Jabber
Basic HTML
Start Here: Web Development
Programming Throwdown
The CyberWire
Talk Python To Me

Vegan Warrior Princess Attack!
No Meat Athlete Radio

Writing Excuses
Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshops
I should be writing
The Writer’s Panel
The New Yorker: Fiction

Adam Ruins Everything
Stuff you missed in History Class
Stuff they don’t want you to know
Stuff you should know
TED Radio Hour
StarTalk Radio

Radio Free Burrito dot COM
TV Crimes
Light Speed Magazine
Women of the Hour


So there is my list. I used to have more, mostly fitness related, but found that those didn’t hold my attention as much as these ones. Maybe I just didn’t find the right ones. Who knows.

So do you have any suggestions for podcasts that you really enjoy? I honestly am open to most anything, but some of my major interests, if you can’t tell are Technology (especially Women in Tech), Programming, Cyber Security, Yoga, Interesting Facts, Writing, Reading and Veganism, but I’m open to anything new and interesting!

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