Women’s March


Picture was taken around 10:00 AM as the Rally at the South Carolina State House had just begun.

I had a totally different blog planned out for this week. I’m more than okay with scrapping it for this post. To be honest, the one I was going to post was absolute drivel anyway. I hate posts like that. I was only going to do it because all the How to have a successful Blog! posts tell me that the topic is super good to do. I don’t know why I would trust those articles with my blog. I’m not really one to do posts like that, so why start now?

Yesterday January 21st, 2017 was an amazing day for our country. The non-violent and record breaking gatherings that happened yesterday were amazing and flooding the Internet. After all the things that have happened in the last few months our country, our people, we needed this. And to see not just the US participating, but the world, it warmed my icy heart a little bit.
I’m proud that I was able to participate, at least until my Panic and Anxiety were unbearable. I loved the inclusion I saw among the people where I love. People talk about “Southern Kindness”, which normally (in my opinion) refers to how overbearingly friendly some Southerns can be, telling you their whole family history in the first five minutes you meet them, and then telling you about everyone they knows family history too in the next five minutes. Always been a source of awkwardness for me, but yesterday, that isn’t the type of kindness I saw. I saw, straight up, true kindness. Strangers making room for others on the State House steps when there was really no room. Acceptance and working together for a common goal were taking the lime light over many of the negative things that happen in this very city quite often.
I saw pictures on Twitter from all around the world and it was bittersweet. One of the things I couldn’t help but wonder is if this would be it, if today so many of these people would go home and think that the job is done. “We marched, we did our part. Nothing else to do now right? We made our point.” I am hoping with ever fiber of my being that this isn’t the case, but I know that for some of the people that put foot to the pavement that is exactly what will happen. It hurts my heart knowing this, but I also know that for a great many of the people who marched, and those who wanted to but couldn’t, they aren’t done. They will fight the fight for as long as it takes, and that, that is what gets me through the day when I start to fear what our future holds. I remain hopeful after what I saw, with my own eyes as well as through other’s.

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