Social Media & Me

If you followed my Tumblr blog back when I had it, you might know that I tried to do a 7 day Social Media cleanse. It didn’t work as expected, but my thoughts on social media remain the same and I would really like to try again.

What are my thoughts you might ask? Well, I hate that every time I have a free moment, or my mind wanders I try to pick up my phone and click on an app just to see what everyone in my life is doing, instead of them telling me personally. I understand Social Media makes it easy to stay in contact with all your friends all the time, but are they actually seeing the real you? No, they aren’t. Social Media makes it so easy to portray yourself as something you aren’t, or maybe not all of who you are. Not to mention, how much time do you think we actually spend scrolling though posts of what people did, or every random thought that is on their mind?

So, I’ve decided to step back from Social Media. Not just in a “professional” manner. No, I mean completely. I’m always available via text, phone and even email. I would rather be spending my life experiencing it from the right side of my phone, not the virtual side.

What does that mean for my blog?  I’m still going to blog, because I feel like it is something that I need to do. I might not have many followers. Hell, I may never get many, but I still feel like eventually my blog will have something to offer.

Am I going to be one of “those” writers with no social media? Hell yes, I may just be one of “those” writers with no social media and that isn’t a bad thing. I have a blog, and unless someone can show me why Social Media will make or break my career (that I don’t even have yet) then I’m going to stay back and just focus on this. Is it possible this will change when I actually have something to promote? Sure. For now this blog is all I need.

What do you think? Is Social Media needed in this field?

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