Let’s Talk Comics

I mentioned that I was thinking about doing a post with comics that I’m really into right now. Here I am, about to talk about it. I feel it is only fair that I mention that I am currently super sick, but wanted to get this out anyway.

So without further delay:

Saga, Tank Girl:Gold, Dark Knight III Master Race, The Wicked & The Divine. These are some of my favorite current comics. There are so many more that I enjoy, but these are ones that I really feel like people should know about.

Some other ones I feel that I should mention are: Rat Queens, Chew, X-Men (pick your version), Lumberjanes, Gotham at Midnight, Paper Girls, Limbo, Monstress, Ms. Marvel, I Hate Fairyland, and InHumans (again pick your version). I could go on and on I’m sure, but those are some of the ones that I enjoy a lot.

I hope this gives you a place to start if you are looking for suggestions. If you are already into comics, what are you reading? I always am open to new suggestions!

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