Not a First Post….

I’m not going to treat this as my first post, because really it isn’t. I’ve been trying various blogging platforms to find one that works for me and this is my last attempt. I’m fairly sure I’ll be sticking with this from now on. I don’t know if it is better than what I’ve been using, but I’m sick of trying things out, and really of setting things up. So here I am, I have found my blogging home. Phew.

I had considered a custom domain, but to be honest, I have like 3 people who ever even read this and I’m not ashamed to not pay for something that is hardly ever read. I’d love for more people to read my weekly posts, but I usually am just rambling about something or other, so I understand why they don’t.

I have been trying to gather ideas of things to write about here that will be more exciting then just filling you in on my very boring life. There will be some of that, of course, it is hard to avoid, but I’d like to write about more interesting things, considering writing is something I love to do.

I’d love to hear of any topics that you all who do read this would like me to cover, hopefully along the lines of things I’m interested in, but really I can write about anything if the mood strikes me.

I guess this really did turn into a sort of first post post. Oh well, I’ll do another one later maybe. I’ve been contemplating writing one about my current comic reads, so maybe I’ll grace you with that super long list.

I will be posting at least one of my old posts from my Tumblr blog so that I have it here, since it is one I plan on referring to in the future.



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